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Teaming with Digital Designs, we have the most creative marketing and business minds in the state of Michigan working to help network Michigan businesses.


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The Michigan Business Network was founded by Digital Designs.  Digital Designs is a bunch of Michigan professionals that live and work in Michigan at growing local businesses through marketing and design.  Being in a technology heavy industry, we’ve all had many opportunities to move to Silicon Valley to chase the big dollar.  What can we say?  We love Michigan!  Our friends and families are here and Mid-Michigan is the second lowest cost of living in the nation.  In fact, many communitues in Michigan are great for families. https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/studies/best-cities-young-families-michigan/  Where there are families there is strong economic growth.

Why Michigan Business Network

Digital Designs has a huge cleintel and many of those businesses did not even know each other.  So they decided it was just time to build a network of businesses and indivudual to bring them all together.  Sign Up today to grow your business and help make our Great State of Michigan even greater!