How It Works

Money Doesn’t Come Without Guidence ...


The Michigan Business Network is designed to help generate more traffic to your online presence.  It’s all about people helping people.  We have found a way to mix the technology today with good ole-fashioned word of mouth.  As members of the Michigan Business Network learn about and review other members of the Michigan Business Network we all grow!  In this season of economic prosperity we need to remember our family first.  In Michigan we are a family.  We take care of each other by referring members to other members.  The Michigan Business Network helps members by making this process simple and requiring very little resources to get big returns!


Members of the Michigan Business Network have the option of paying $249/month and just reaping the benefits of receiving great reviews from other members of the network.  You can also choose to review another member of the network and receive a coupon for $190 off your monthly bill bringing your cost down to $59/month.  What we’re looking for is a legitimate human to human review of a business.  It you’ve never heard of a particular business, do a little research.  It just takes a few minutes.  Call them, visit their location, try their product, etc…  Keep in mind that others will be doing the same for you!

Once you have typed up your review you can post it to Google and Facebook.  The Michigan Business Network will provide you with easy to use links. Once the reviews are posted a professional human from our organization will read and award your $190 coupon.  We require at least a 3 out of 5 star review, but prefer 5.  If you don’t have something nice to say about a particular business, don’t say anything at all.  Just review another business and let us know offline about your complaint so we can contact them.  The Michigan Business Network is a family and we legitimately want to help people.  We’ll do the hard part so you don’t have to.

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